Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eat, Shop, See, Make, Read... Breathe

I'm working on a list for 2011. It's my Eat, Shop, See, Make, Read list and has an ever-growing list of restaurants, stores, movies, events, books, articles, and recipes that I must tackle FAST because that damn list is growing by the minute. I have to admit, and this might sound pathetic, but while I love it, it overwhelms me. Just putting together a weekly menu can overwhelm me since there are so many things I already love to cook and so many things I want to try. While "the list" was created to help me focus and check things off, it also makes my heart race every time I have to add to it.

I just finished the NYT's Magazine article "Recipe Redux: The Community Cookbook" (from October 6th which shows you how back-logged my reading is) and I have five more recipes to add to my list. One article checked off the list, five recipes to add. Help me.

The New Additions

These recipes received the most votes during Amanda Hesser's research for her cookbook - The Essential New York Times Cookbook. Can't wait to try them all.

1983: Purple plum torte (265 votes)
1966: David Eyre’s pancake (80 votes)
1973: Teddie’s apple cake (37 votes)
2002: Chocolate dump-it cake (24 votes — my mother’s recipe and a terrific one but surely a biased result as I asked for the suggestions)
1973: Ed Giobbi’s lasagna (23 votes)

In case you're interested Seattleites, here's my current list of restaurants to try. Oh the pressure....

Book Bindery
La Bete
Marjorie (again)
Café Weekend

Curio Confections
Honore Artisan Bakery
Elemental @Gasworks
Tillicum Place Café (brunch)
Madison Park Conservatory

Two great coffee shops I just checked off my list are Neptune Coffee and Lighthouse Roasters. Both made a damn good cappucino.

Wishing you lots of great meals in the new year!

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