Sunday, February 27, 2011

Calling All Cooks: Help A Sister Out with Recipe Ideas!


In case you didn't see the Oprah with Michael Pollan and Vegan & Lifestyle author Kathy Freston, there are lots of links on with info from the episode. It was a really interesting special on food, meat manufacturing in America, the vegan diet and more. My friend Marly just read Kathy's book Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World and is really inspired to lean (heavily) into a vegan diet. While I'm not ready to read the book because I can't think of giving up all meat and dairy at this point in my life, I am inspired (by the show and what Marly has told me) to lean into it a little. For me this would mean maybe having a "Vegan Night" once a week, or at a minimum, being more mindful of how much meat and dairy we consume on a daily basis and cutting some out wherever I can.

So, leaning into this means I have to plan ahead with some more vegetarian and vegan recipes. I've shared recipes with you, now I'm begging you to share with me. What's your favorite vegetarian or vegan meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner)? Please post your favorites or email me directly. I'll keep you posted on what I make and love so you too can lighten up your meat and dairy consumption.

Quick video from Oprah's website: Backstage with Michael Pollan
Once again Michael Pollan inspires me. I like the idea of meat flavoring a main course (like soups and stews) versus a big hunk of meat being the main course. I always tend to like soups and pastas with some meat better than a big chicken breast or pork chop anyway so I'm going to think more about this as I plan future meal plans.


victoria said...

My friend Mary Bridget raved about your blog so I've been reading it the past few months. We started doing Meatless Mondays at our house at the beginning of the year. I LOVE 101 Cookbooks [blog] and Market Vegetable [book] by Ross Dobson for delicious vegetarian recipes. Everything I've made so far from both have been really great.

michele said...

this was recommended - haven't tried it yet but they raved.

Ashley said...

Love this post- and I agree 101 is great. I love the idea of "meat flavoring" and feel I use bacon just for that reason! Sauteed kale with soft polenta with a bit of bacon is an amazing and simple dinner.