Sunday, February 20, 2011

The French Fry Kid


While on vacation my son was battling a cold and in the midst of getting two more chompers. And the kid has some serious chompers (look past the messy face and straight at those pearly whites, then imagine two more piercing through the gums on the outer edges... pure torture for the little buddy). So while nursing his ailments he decided to give up on food and only consume milk and french fries. I'm not proud of the 11 day french fry throw-down but I was on vacation and it's all he would eat. Not a battle I was willing to fight. So our first day home I couldn't take it anymore. I needed him to eat, and I wasn't willing to give him crap just for calories. So how to get good calories in a feisty little guy when he's on a food strike? I figured I could muster up enough ingredients between our empty fridge and packed freezer to make a relatively healthy smoothie that would also taste good. It ended up tasting SO good that both kids chugged it. I made them again this morning to similar results - empty glasses and smoothie-staches. Hubby and I enjoyed them too. Delicious!

The French Fry Kid Smoothie

Milk (I used whole milk)
Vanilla yogurt (I love Grace Harbor Farms)
Frozen blueberries
Frozen strawberries
Frozen spinach
Ground flaxseed
Agave nectar
Almonds (I used slivered almonds)


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Adrianne said...

Nice! I've been doing the same thing lately, except I tell our almost-2-year-old it's ice cream. He gobbles it up, none the wiser that he just ate a handful of kale.