Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack! Did ya miss me?

Sorry I left without a goodbye. I was quite sick and then headed off to Hawaii for our family vacation. I made myself unplug while on vacation and boy did it feel good. I'm back though and have lots of fun new things to write about. First off is my obsession with a few new Seattle eateries. My friend Tara introduced me to Seattle's new wood-fired bagel cafe Eltana. My husband and I loved it, so much so that I ordered up a bag of bagels and smear to go for our flight the next day. I hate flying but knowing I had a delicious toasted bagel with red pepper and walnut spread waiting for me got my mind off the possibility of the plane making a nose dive into the Pacific. Thank you little wood-fired bagel you! My husband loved it too. He got his bagel with spicy garlic cream spread and it was also delicious.
I'm also loving Eastlake's Nettletown. I went for lunch and ate enough to feed a small village. The servings are quite large and I just couldn't stop. The spinach salad was good, the fried rice was great but the winner was the Nettletown noodle dish with pork topped with seasoned wild mushrooms, tea egg, scallions & toasted garlic oil. I also loved their refreshing ginger drink, so much that on my way out I asked what was in it. I woke up craving it so within hours I had one in my hand. Not sure what measurements they do, but I did equal parts of each and it was pretty darn good.

Refreshing Ginger Drink

Equal parts:

Reed's Ginger Beer
Rockridge Orchards Apple Cider (available at the Ballard farmers market)


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