Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One More Reason to Love Amazon

I'm an Amazon junkie. I love, love, looooooove it. I buy everything from diapers to books to art supplies, and pretty much every Christmas gift I bought my kids this year was an Amazon purchase. In theory, I'd probably rather support local mom & pop shops for books and toys, but with a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old, I'll cut myself some slack for choosing the cheaper and easier option for a few chaotic, expensive, never-ending-diapers kind of years.

My big complaint about Amazon, however, is the boxes. I love getting my deliveries but always feel badly about the boxes and all the waste. Between Christmas gifts and diapers, I'm never proud of how much recycling we have. Well kudos to Amazon for knowing their customers. They've invented Amazon Tote.
AmazonTote is a free weekly delivery service from Amazon.com. There are no subscriptions, minimum delivery sizes, or fees. Items delivered using AmazonTote will be brought to your doorstep in a reusable tote bag, free of charge.
My friend Erika told me about it and within minutes of her leaving my house I was online looking into it. What's not to love?! If you are an Amazonaholic like me, check it out! And if you buy your diapers through Amazon, sign up for Amazon Mom and get a free Amazon Prime account (free 2-day shipping on pretty much everything plus other benefits!). Amazon Prime is great for Amazon junkies.
Erika was also raving about Amazon Fresh. She doesn't use it for all her groceries but loves it for recurring purchases like milk, cheese, canned goods and more. She was raving about how quick the orders can be delivered to your home. She even told me that when her family was on vacation, she put in an order that was on her doorstep just before arriving home from the airport. How great to come home to all your groceries! I just came home to slimy ham and stale bread. I'm definitely looking into Amazon Fresh. Right now in fact! Signing off....

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