Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hama Hama Clams

My best pal at the Ballard farmers market is a guy named Tim at the Wilson Fish stand. He's the friendliest chap and every week we stop in to say hello and catch up, get a sample of the smoked salmon for my little lady and see about buying some fresh fish. (It's coming soon friends! Only a few more weeks and they're headed back out to sea!)

On Sunday Tim told me that the Hama Hama Oyster Company had just joined the Ballard market and that he's known the family for years and can attest that their clams and oysters are great. Tim always steers me to the right cut of the right fish at the right time so I trust him completely. With his recommendation behind us, we headed for Hama Hama and picked up a few pounds of clams. That night I made Tyler Florence's Linguine con le Vongole. Other than using spaghetti instead of linguine and throwing in some extra garlic (I always add more garlic than a recipe calls for) I followed the recipe to a tee. It was delicious.

If you've never cooked clams before, read these instructions for cleaning clams. They're easy to clean and easy to prepare with so many different ways to cook them... in beer, in wine, with sausage, over pasta, with bread for dipping in the sauce, and more.

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