Friday, April 1, 2011

Fresh Spring Scent


Launch into spring with Anthousa's new fragrance - Violet & Black Currant. I love the bright pink packaging but even more I love the scent. It's fantastic. Anthousa is always a perfect gift for that special friend or family member or a treat for your own home. Who wouldn't love a bottle to brighten up their home and make it smell floral and fresh?! The question is never to buy or not to buy, the question is which Anthousa product and in which great scent. .

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Susan Webster Adams said...

I love this fragrance! It's fun and fruity. Anthousa did an excellent job of lightening up what can otherwise be a heavy and sweet floral. This is a perfect violet blend. The packaging is gorgeous and I love the color of the fragrance oil and candle wax.