Monday, April 18, 2011

Gwyneth Week, Dinner #2: Chicken Milanese with Endive & Gorgonzola Sauce


Tonight I tried Gwyneth's Chicken Milanese, my first recipe from her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter. It was super easy and delicious. I served it two ways - simple with lemon (like she does for her son) and with the endive gorgonzola topping, one of the four toppings she recommends with the Chicken Milanese. Both were fantastic so it just depends if you're in the mood for something light or something rich. My husband especially loved the endive gorgonzola spread.

I served the chicken with buttered broccoli and roasted asparagus. After I roasted the asparagus (with olive oil, salt and pepper), I squeezed a bit of lemon juice over the spears. I thought it paired quite nicely with the chicken with lemon. Next time I'll stick with the asparagus as a side and toss a little arugula with lemon juice and olive oil or a light vinaigrette for the top of the chicken. That sounds like the most perfect spring dinner to me.

This is a really quick meal and can be even faster if you ask someone in the meat department to butterfly and pound the chicken for you. That is the only part of the recipe that took any time. I made sure to sprinkle my chicken with salt and pepper and gently pressed it in before dipping it in the milk. Some comes off in the milk but that's ok.

Gwyneth will be on The Rachel Ray Show this Wednesday to discuss her book. Tune in if you're interested in learning more about her new cookbook.

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