Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gwyneth Week Kicked Off with Barbecue-Glazed Turkey Burgers

I was excited to read that Gwyneth Paltrow had published a new cookbook, My Father's Daughter, in the Food & Wine magazine article "A Star at the Stove". I was even more excited when I received a copy of the cookbook as a thank you gift from my friend Jennie. Already I have more than a half dozen recipes dogeared after just flipping through it quickly.

So, I thought I would kick off GP week and try several of her recipes. I decided to start with the Barbecue-Glazed Turkey Burgers from the Food & Wine article (note: this recipe is not in her cookbook). I made them tonight and my husband and I both loved them. I loved the combo of the ground turkey, BBQ sauce, Swiss cheese, pickled jalapenos and pickle chips. Instead of brioche buns I used traditional white sesame buns that I buttered and toasted. I topped that with a little Organic Vegenaise (my first time using it) and thought it worked great. The hubby said it best... "I'd eat these any night" and he also noted that you feel a lot better after eating a turkey burger than a ground beef burger. These were also the easiest burgers ever. Serve with grilled asparagus and a crisp white wine and you are set to go with a quick and delicious dinner!  I have a few more recipes planned for this week so stay tuned to hear how they turn out.

And on the topic of burgers, what's your favorite burger recipe? I'm open to recipes for turkey, chicken, beef, or veggie burgers. Please share!



victoria said...

You must try Heidi Swanson's ultimate veggie burgers. Recipe on her site 101 cookbooks. Made them last Friday with aioli, roasted tomatoes, avocados, pickled onions and sprouts. Best meatless burger I've ever had.

Jennie Butson said...

LOVE Gwyneth week!!!!