Monday, May 16, 2011

A Day in the Life of....

My husband knows the way to my heart is through my belly so my Mother's Day gift was a day of eating (belated since we weren't home on Mother's Day). Saturday, for the entire day, the meals were mine to choose.

For breakfast I requested hubby's Macrina Raisin Brioche Twist French Toast. It was as good as I remembered. The bread is the secret weapon.

Mid-Morning Snack
We stopped at Thrive on 65th for juices and smoothies. Everyone's was great and we couldn't stop stealing sips from each others.

We finally tried Fuji Bakery and it was heavenly. We must have tried a dozen items and everything was good. We especially loved the Milk Curry Bun, the Milk Stick, the Griottine with cherries and the Brioche Suisee.

I've been jonesing for Nettletown Noodles with Pork so I got take-out from Nettletown - two orders of the noodles and a Bratwurst sannie. All delicious. (Hint for eating the noodles with maximum flavor: mix in a little soy and lots of the hot chili oil, then continue to mix as you eat to soak up all the good broth or it will puddle at the bottom.)

I made Healeo Smoothies. Delicious, but they put me over the edge.

If you live in Seattle - give any of these a try and you will be happy you did!

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