Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Be Inspired: Zucchini Salads

Photo courtesy of Health.com (marinated zucchini and yellow squash salad)

I've had a few zucchini salads recently from two great restaurants - Serious Pie and Cantinetta. Both were fantastic and worthy of trying to recreate. I'm going to mess around with these recipes this week. Thought you might want to as well. Send me any great zucchini salad recipes you've made and I'll share those as well!

Serious Pie

Zucchini, shaved into long thin ribbons
Almonds (I can't remember but I think they were Marcona)
Ricotta salata
Green onion, minced
Mint, minced
Vinaigrette (you could make something great up I'm sure)


Zucchini, thinly sliced and placed single layer on the plate
Parmesan, thinly sliced and placed on top of zucchini
Olive oil, drizzled over the top
Salt & pepper
Lemon (I think there was a bit of lemon on it as well)

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