Sunday, September 11, 2011

Delancey in The New York Times

Photo courtesy of Wright Eats

Delancey was recently written up in The New York Times....

"Restaurant Report: Delancey, in Seattle"

Pretty cool how many Seattle restaurants have been getting national press lately, especially in The New York Times. We were at Delancey last night and while it is always great, sometimes they just knock it out of the park. Every pizza-lover should be required to go there when they offer padron peppers as an add-on. Throw that on a sausage pie and it's life changing. Best pizza ever. Everything was amazing, as usual. Here's what we ordered...

Jersey salad
Billy's heirloom tomato salad with shallot basil vinaigrette
Sausage pizza with padron peppers
Crimini pizza with sausage
White pie with preserved meyer lemon and sausage
Wine, of course
Salted chocolate chip cookie



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