Sunday, September 11, 2011

My New Salad Obsession

A great way to learn new cooking tips and recipes is to hit your local farmers marker and eavesdrop. Yes, I said eavesdrop. It's a great way to learn about the vendors, learn who has the best bacon or berries, a new recipe for something you love or how to prepare something new to you. I've found that the customers buying large quantities of any one thing usually know what they're doing. Just the other day I watched a man spend over $100 on marbled salmon. I assume you don't spend that much money on salmon unless you know what you're doing so I asked him how he was going to prepare his fish and he gave me a recipe for cooking on cedar planks complete with his secret marinade recipe. Last week I overheard a woman raving about a lettuce mix so when it was my turn, I said I wanted whatever she bought. It was the "Wild & Spicy" salad mix from Alm Hill Gardens at the Ballard Market and it is the best salad mix I've ever tasted. I was dying for it all week and couldn't wait to load up today. It didn't really need anything - just some tomato and cucumber, oil & vinegar. I used some Pasta & Co. dressing for a little zip and of course salt & pepper. Best darn salad I've had all summer! Simple and delicious.

Market Salad

"Wild & Spicy" salad mix from Alm Hill Gardens
Heirloom tomatoes from Billy's
Cucumber from the market
Kosher salt & freshly ground pepper
Good olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Pasta & Co. house vinaigrette (few splashes)

Toss ingredients and enjoy.


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