Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shout Out of the Day: Greenlake Kids Dentistry


I was blown away by Greenlake Kids Dentistry. The office is amazing and so inviting to little ones. The exam room is bright and colorful with toys, little gift bags with their names on them, TVs above each chair showing cartoons, and multiple chairs for moms bringing more than one child at a time. There is a special gumball style machine with trinkets when kids leave and so much more. What a different experience this office was for us. My daughter could have stayed there all day. My son was exhausted so he just played with the toys in the exam room while he waited and then the doctor did such a great job making him at ease. I'm so impressed with the office and the staff.

And how GENIUS is their candy buy-back program for Halloween candy. I love you Greenlake Kids Dentistry!

(Great recommendation Steph! Thank you!)


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