Wednesday, November 16, 2011


/Photo credit: Tasty Kitchen

My husband has been perfecting his popcorn recipe (a variation of this recipe) and for almost two years now I've been convinced that it's unbeatable. Well, au contraire mon frere! I found some competition. My friend Marly served Food 52's Spicy Parmesan and Truffle Popcorn at a party she hosted and it was amazing. I ate that popcorn for hours. It was SO good. Then I got home and my husband had made his popcorn. So I ate that for another hour, pondering which I liked better. Then I wondered if your stomach could burst and you could die from over-eating popcorn. Would I survive the night? Well I lived to tell the story and I have to say it's a tie-breaker. Both are equally delicious!

* Marly says to go easy on the salt. She followed the recipe for the first batch and it was way too salty.

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