Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea: Help the One You Love Travel in Style



For that very special someone in your life who is impossible to buy for, consider a a piece of Rimowa luggage. They offer several different collections, colors and price ranges. I love these.

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gman said...

After looking at luggage all day yesterday I have to say this is the first time I have been impressed with what I see. This luggage has to be as expensive as it looks but the quality is obvious. I was going to buy my wife jewelry but she would like this a lot more, right? Nah, JK; what woman wouldn’t rather have diamonds or gold? I might get it for my wife’s parents though. They have an RV though so is a suitcase practical for an RV? I don’t know what to get them any more because they have everything. Everyone is chipping in to buy them what I bought my parents last year which was a year subscription of DISH Network HD service and a Sling Adapter that came with the subscription for free that is just like my employee model. Now they talk about it all the time and tell me about how they watch the news 24/7 which doesn’t stop there but also I have to hear about each horrible story of something tragic that happened to someone. Live and recorded TV anywhere you go has its advantages and disadvantages I guess.