Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Tis the Season

This year my friends are gathering new toys for the gift room at St. Francis House in Seattle. Parents in need can select a new toy for each of their children. It's a really great program and we're excited to support it.
In addition to the toy room that they host once a year, St. Francis House also offers services and goods year-round for free. So unlike Goodwill, low-income and homeless people can go in and select some clothing items and get a few basic items (shampoo, a new toothbrush for each family member, diapers, warm coats, etc) for free.

Last year I helped in the kids room one day and watched as moms happily looked through clothes, bins of old socks (unmatched) and used kids underwear to find some items for their children. I would say a majority of the clothing available is quite worn, damaged or stained. And these women are so grateful to have the items they selected. (It makes you feel so lucky for all that you have!)

That said, I was thinking it's a good time of year to clear out your closets and cupboards to make room for all the new gifts you'll be receiving. I know I have my daughter go through her toys every so often to select some for the boys and girls who don't have many. She is more interested in the fact that we're making room for new toys, but eventually the right message will sink in, right?! Either way, she happily piles up toys, books, and stuffed animals to donate.

Maybe your kids want to help too????

If you have clothing (mens, womens, girls, boys, baby), kitchen items, toys or childrens books that you might normally give to Goodwill, consider giving it to St. Francis House. Now is a great time of year to do it. If you have a bunch of stuff (and live in Seattle), I will personally collect it and deliver it to St. Francis House for you! Just email me at cm{at}wci{dot}com and I'll come get it.

For anyone interested - they love it when you mark a bag as to it's contents (boys clothes 2T, women's clothing size 6, kitchen items, etc). It makes it so much easier to sort.


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nick said...

i was literally touched to tears when i read this. i live in nyc (and friends with your friend beth!) and would love to donate to a charity like this. know of any here?

love your blog!!!