Monday, February 27, 2012

Ricotta Binge


I've been kind of freaking out over ricotta lately. Not the regular pre-packaged ricotta that you find near the sour cream and cottage cheese at the grocery store to use in lasagne, but the real deal ricotta. I have been buying a container of it every time I'm within a few miles of Pike Place. I feel like if I'm close enough, I will make the effort to park and run in to DeLaurenti to get some fresh ricotta (and my favorite salami Fra' Mani's Salame Nostrano). The only thing better than buying fresh ricotta from a great deli would be to make it yourself. That intimidates me, but if you're up for the challenge I'm sure that would be even more delicious.

While on my weekend ricotta binge I made Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Ricotta for dinner, my revised Orange Ricotta Pancakes both Saturday and Sunday morning (to which my husband said, "I'm really not a pancake guy but these are the best pancakes I've ever had!") and a new ricotta gem of a recipe... Smitten Kitchen's Ricotta Crostinis.

All of the crostinis were good but the toasted bread with ricotta, honey and sea salt was amazing. I think the key is using both a good quality ricotta and honey.

A note on honey: I buy Fireweed Honey from Golden Harvest Bee Ranch, sold at the farmers market in Ballard every Sunday. It's delicious.

Have you made ricotta before? It's easy, right? I should not be intimidated?

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