Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple Pork Chops

One of my easiest recipes that everyone will eat is a pan-fried, thin-cut pork chop. They are a simple, fast, and healthy main course. 

Last night I served these to the kids with a chunk of cheddar cheese, some cashews and banana. It was my low effort version. Some nights I will finish the pork chops with a splash of soy sauce and serve with brown, white or fried rice and a green veggie which feels more like a proper dinner. 

Simple Pan-Grilled, Thin-Cut Pork Chops

Thin cut pork chops (I buy these pre-packaged at PCC)
Fresh ginger 
Few cloves of garlic 
Black pepper
Salt or soy sauce
Flour, optional
Olive oil

Rinse the pork chops and pat dry. Cut a chunk of the ginger and set aside. I peel the skin but not required. Crack a few cloves of garlic and cut off 1/3 so you have a large open edge. Now rub each side of the pork chop with the ginger and garlic. This just gives it a bit of flavor. Sprinkle with salt if using and lots of black pepper. Sprinkle with a touch of flour if using. 

Heat olive oil in a saut√© pan on medium-high heat. When hot, add the pork chops. Once browned on the first side, flip over. Brown on the other side, then remove from pan. It only takes a few minutes to pan fry the pork chops because they are so thin. Sprinkle with a splash of soy sauce if using and serve.

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