Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Lovers & Pet Lovers - Read Here!

My friend Tara's dog, Percy, and Percy's favorite toy

My friend and old work-mate Jenni is an A-MA-ZING artist. I absolutely love her style of painting. Two of my co-workers from Anthousa commissioned Jenni to paint their dogs and the paintings are fabulous. She also does portraits and most recently did the labels for two different award winning wines.
What a perfect gift to commission her to do a painting of your dog or loved one. I would like to have her paint my daughter for a Christmas gift for my husband and want her to do my nephew Farley (the Beagle).
Her rate is $150-200 for pet portraits and more for portraits of people. Her pieces are acrylic on stretched canvas. Check out more of her work on her Etsy site or email her directly for more information. I'm sure she gets busy near the holidays so don't wait another minute if you want to commission her to do a painting for yourself or as a gift.

A wedding commission. I love!

Labels for Harbinger wines.

I can't wait to buy these to see her artwork (and drink the wine!).

Another great dog portrait.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful art work.

I want one.