Thursday, May 21, 2009


My friend Tara sent me this fab food site called Taste Spotting. It appears to be a compilation of great recipes from countless blogs. Heaven! I've already spent a good half hour on it and found some recipes I want to make.

The one that caught my eye right away was this recipe for carrot muffins with cream cheese filling. Do they not look deeee-licious?! I tagged this link as a favorite hoping to make them very very soon. Then, coincidentally, two appeared at my doorstep. What are the chances, right?! Tara swung by to borrow my Go Go Kidz TravelMate and brought me some from a batch she just baked. I could not believe my luck. They were heavenly too - the perfect ratio of "cake" to "frosting". As the author even contemplates, the "muffins" are so good that you wonder if they shouldn't be called cupcakes. How about muffin-cakes?

Not only does Taste Spotting feature great recipes but everything is photographed so beautifully. There are so many talented cooks and photographers out there. Impressive. Inspiring. Mouth watering. Check it out.

(Thanks Tara for making my morning!!!!)

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