Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Favorite: Meatloaf

Fall has arrived and everyone seems to be craving comfort food. My friend Marly found this amazing recipe for Not-So-Basic Meatloaf and served it to friends who just had a new baby for a cozy dinner party. They all loved it. She inspired our friend Lynne to make it tonight, and she too, went crazy for it. I'm not eating much beef lately, but with such rave reviews, I've got to try it. They both served it with potatoes (Marly did roasted, Lynne did mashed) and roasted vegetables. Marly also served a great green salad. Perfect meal to ring in the new season.

The recipe makes a huge amount so invite lots of friends or plan on meatloaf sandwiches for days. (yum!)

Thanks for sharing M & L! Please post a comment about the things you did different from the recipe. We'd love to know!


Lynne Shutt said...

yes! twos comment. i only did about 1.5t of salt and the recipe calls for 2T. that was one of the main comments in the feedbacks section on epicurious. people said it was way too salty. i also didn't do all of the unpeeled garlic cloves stuck into the meatloaf. i am always generous with garlic (ususally do 1.25 times as much as it calls for), so i didn't do the second garlic step.
other than that, followed the recipe to the letter and it was amazing.

Marly said...

I did everything to the T with the recipe but I did take out the whole garlic before serving and I added a mixture of bbq sauce and ketchup over the top before baking it to give it some extra flavor and color. My mom just made this the other night too and brought me some yesterday as left overs and it was even better than i remembered! YUM.