Thursday, April 7, 2011

J-A-M Jam Jam


I think I eat jam about 350 days a year. I wish I could say that being with my children is what gets me up in the morning but none of us are morning people so it's just not the case. What really gets me up in the morning is good bread toasted with butter and jam alongside my homemade coffee. Then I'm ready for the chaos of the morning routine with the littles.

I go through jam phases and coming off a particularly long stint with apricot jam, I have become obsessed with a new flavor. I found a variety of plum jams from Ayako & Family at Nettletown. The first jar was so good that when it was gone, so was my excitement for breakfast. I hurried back and bought two more jars of different types of plum jam and they are equally as good. Just one more reason to go eat at Nettletown if you haven't already.

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