Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast Chez Moi

One of our favorite things to do on weekend mornings is make breakfast and hang out in our jams. When the weather is cold and during the holidays (especially once the tree goes up), it's all the more fun and cozy. So, I thought I would share some links to all my breakfast posts from the past to inspire you to cook a breakfast with friends or family this holiday season.


Dutch Babies


Zucchini bread

Bagel Sannies

Toasted Oats with Strawberries & Milk

Prosciutto, Cheese & Fig Biscuits

Pancakes or Waffles with Sears Famous Pancake Mix

Scrumptious Eggs

Scrambled Egg Toast

Baked French Toast

Individual Baked Eggs (oeufs plats variation)

Spinach & Cheese Strata


Orange Ricotta Pancakes

Urth Cafe Oatmeal

Aloha Oatmeal

Lynne's Joe's Special

Banana Muffins


Saveur's Breakfast Issue

What's for breakfast at your house? Frittatas? Quiche? Breakfast burritos? Any favorite recipes to share?

1 comment:

Dawn said...

I wish it were more interesting, but often it's left-over rice mixed into scrambled eggs and smothered in hot sauce. Especially good if there was a little too much wine the night before :)